Our Story

At Saltbush Kitchen we are actively defining a new Australian story.

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We are dedicated to shaping our 
Australian Story through food & art. 
We partner with local farmers & producers to deliver the addictive flavours of the Australian landscape.
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Saltbush Kitchen is not an Indigenous owned company. 
We are led by Australian-Irish creative Brigid Corcoran, a woman who understands that as a non-Indigenous Australian you are welded with the responsibility to do better, to be better and to honour the people & cultures of the First Nations.  We do this through being an ally, by truth-telling, through education and collaboration. And most importantly - by knowing when to shut-up, listen and learn. 
The home of Saltbush Kitchen is in Buninyong, Victoria, on Wadawurrung Country.  Always was and always will be Wadawurrung land.
The first foodies, farmers and producers of Buninyong were, of course, the Wadawurrung People.  Their association with the region dates back thousands of generations. Their connection with and dispossession of their land is acknowledged.
The First Nations of this incredible land continue to show us the importance and priority of connection - connection to people, to culture &
to the land.  Thank you for being generous in sharing your cultures and ingenuity with Australia, enabling us all to enjoy the foods and wonders of our landscape today. At Saltbush Kitchen we pay great respect to the communities of the First Nations, especially their elders past present and emerging.
Connection plays a big part in the values of Saltbush Kitchen. 
Saltbush Kitchen is very much the fruition of Brigid exploring her own connection with Australia "Creating and evolving Saltbush Kitchen is very much about defining who I am as an Australian, and deepening my connection to Australia. I am influenced and inspired by my Irish heritage, by my contemporaries and by the First Nations of this beautiful land."  
Brigid has spent 7 years learning about, and experimenting with, Australian bushfoods.  After loads of fun and so many delicious foodie moments Brigid has curated a food range that invites you to dive deep into your own connection with Australia.   Our products are designed to compliment every cook’s kitchen - the rookie, the cook and even the show-off chef.
Part 2 of Saltbush Kitchen's dynamic duo is Jimmy Hillman.  Jim officially joined Saltbush Kitchen in 2020 but has been part of the story from the beginning.   Jim's a bushfood convert and now spends his time in Sydney eating Kunzea and throwing his smarts behind the operations at Saltbush Kitchen.
This is our Australian story, and this is your Australian story.  
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Commercial St Buniyong, Victoria

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10am to 4pm 

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The home of Saltbush Kitchen is in Buninyong Victoria, on Wadawurrung Country.

Always was and always will be Wadawurrung land.