Our main aim, at Saltbush Kitchen,

is to get you addicted to the foods and flavours Australia has to offer.

I'm Brigid Corcoran, a confessed bushfood addict. I have spent years tasting and experimenting with bushfoods and have developed ways to deliver them in a contemporary Australian setting.


As the creator and owner of Saltbush Kitchen I continue to learn more about Australian bushfood and its place in Australia today. To learn more about our Australian Indigenous community and their cultures, to understand more and to learn how the world’s oldest, continuous, culture can have a significant and influential role in shaping our nation for the future.

And for me, this begins with food.


Bushfoods are a seamless part of my table. Steak is always cooked with pepperberry, my roast spuds are saturated in mountain pepper and when sitting in the backyard in  summer I enjoy a glass of champagne &  strawberry gum.

Saltbush Kitchen is now in its 6th year but took a lot longer to evolve.

I began my career in hospitality and community development. 

In 2012 I was researching a business concept involving spices and their origins, this research unveiled the vast disconnect between the Australian food industry and Australian native food. The question arose – Why, as a country, don’t we embrace our culinary history? From that point my research took a right hand turn and I haven’t looked back. 


Saltbush Kitchen creates innovative ways to tell a contemporary bushfood story in Australia.

We create unique bushfood products for you to enjoy within your own home. 
We create new recipes to help you introduce bushfoods to your table.


Saltbush Kitchen is working with the Ballarat Tech School to deliver programs in Innovation in Australian food, bringing bushfoods to secondary students in the Ballarat Region.  


We partner with food businesses to introduce bushfoods into their offering. 

We partner with private, public and government sectors on innovative projects to promote bushfoods and the Australian culinary experience.



The first foodies and farmers of Buninyong were the Wadawurrung people whose association with this region dates back thousands of years.

Their connection to and dispossession of this land is acknowledged. At Saltbush Kitchen we pay respect to their elders pas present and emerging.

Australia offers some of the most beautiful flavours on earth. Every day enjoying our wattleseed and sharing our strawberry-gum offers a gentle and meaningful salute to the warriors & legends of Aboriginal Australia.  They have unveiled these flavours and continue to show us the priority of connection - a connection to people, to culture and to this land.

It is this connection that fuels Saltbush Kitchen in an adventure full of feasting, sharing, creativity and fun.


All the crew at Saltbush Kitchen respectfully acknowledge the Wadawarrung People as the traditional owners of the land we live and enjoy today. It's with great appreciation that we thank you, and the extended Australian Indigenous community, for sharing your culture and culinary prowess enabling us all to enjoy bushfoods today.

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