Backhousia Citriodora

An incredible Australian flavour that you can use as a substitute for lemon rind.


Very easy to use it will fast become a staple in your pantry.  Use as a spice rub or marinade for all meats.  Use in oils and dressings for salads and green veg. Delicious in cakes, slices, shortbread and desserts. 

Substitute: lemon rind 


Syzygium Anisata

This spice will surprise you, it is Australia’s very own aniseed flavour.


Strong in aroma so perfect for infusing. Use to infuse oils and dressings.  For sweet use it is amazing in shortbread & dairy based desserts such as ice cream & panna cotta.  


Substitute: aniseed, star anise.


Acacia Victoria                                            Wattleseed is a unique Australian bushfood offering a rich, nutty flavour that compliments both sweet & savoury dishes.


A delicious spice rub on veggies and meat.   Perfect addition to scones, pastry & bread. And for dessert it is a great partner of honey and orange.  Try in ice-cream, panna cotta and pavlova - it will change your world!

Australia has some HUGE personalities...

Wattleseed, Kunzea, Lemon Myrtle, Saltbush and Pepperberry to name just a few of the tastiest. Haven’t come across this wild bunch before?

Or felt too uncomfortable to spark up a connection?

Don’t worry, we’re great at making introductions…especially when it comes to food!


Atriplex nummularia

A delicate savory spice.


Saltbush is low in sodium and a great substitute to help reduce the use of salt in your cooking.  


Saltbush is the perfect seasoning for vegies & meats.  Try some on your roast spuds with olive oil, garlic & a pinch of Australian Mountain Pepper.

Substitute: Salt 


Tasmannia Lanceolata

A fragrant savory spice. Mountain Pepper is a mild pepper & the perfect substitute for everyday table pepper.


Delicious spice rub on white meat & to season your veggies especially potatoes.  This pepper sits beautifully in dairy, enjoy in a béchamel sauce & creamy soups.

Substitute: table pepper, white pepper.


Tasmannia Lanceolata                                Australia’s very own black pepper. Pepperberry is the berry from the Mountain Pepper tree. 


Pepperberry is a slightly sweet aromatic pepper with a hot kick.  Fantastic seasoning for savory food.  Enjoy on, and in, desserts like ice-cream, panna cotta, marinated berries, and pavlova.

Substitute: Black Pepper


Prostanthera Rotundifolia                          Australian native thyme is from the Australian mint family, it’s also known as ‘round-leaf- mint’.  


We call it thyme because of its similarity to English thyme. It is a tasty seasoning herb with aromas that will remind you of the Australian bush.  It is a great addition to roasted mushrooms, roast pumpkin, soups & stews.


Substitute: Thyme & Rosemary but go easy this baby is strong!! 


Eucalyptus Olida                                       What an incredible Australian flavour! Strawberry Gum is a native Australian gum tree, its leaves offer the most beautiful aroma and flavour - a combination of strawberry & passion-fruit with a hint of eucalyptus.


Beautiful for desserts such as whipped cream, ice cream, pavlova and stewed fruits.  And pairs nicely with tomato & sweet potato.

Substitute:  There's nothing quite like it!


Kunzea ambigua

Commonly known as white kunzea, is a plant in the myrtle family. 

A delightful herb that can be enjoyed in savoury dishes - with aromatics of citrus, eucalyptus and sweetness of honey.

Delicious in breads and hardy stews and soups.

Substitute: Rosemary, oregano & thyme.

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