Australian Christmas Card (single)

Australian Christmas Card (single)


Australia at Christmas is a magical land of beauty, warmth and nature.'

(Please note - images shown are in landscape format due to website limitations and unfortunately cut off some parts of the cards as they are portrait cards. Trust us - they're even more beautiful in full form).


We've created this unique range of Christmas cards to reflect a true picture of Christmas time in Australia. Choose from 5 unique designs.

Each card includes the following Australian Christmas verse:


The magpies warble at dawn

The red bottle brush blooms toward the sun

The sky stands a magnificent blue over the grasses harsh and golden

It is Christmas in Australia

The kitchen is bursting with platters and chatter

The salad wars begin

Aunty Marg whips up her wattleseed pavlova

As Dad slaps the prawns with his lemon myrtle rub

The table is set, the BBQ heats up, and the family catchups begin

It is Christmas in Australia

Wishing you a happy & relaxed Australian Christmas

Pick your design

1 x Australian Christmas card

1 x Envelope

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