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Saltbush Kitchen roasted wattleseed syrup 250ml

made from the seeds of the Australian native Silver Wattle 

(Acacia Victoriae)


Move over Canada for Australia's very own 'maple' syrup.

At Saltbush Kitchen we love our wattleseed syrup ...

To DRINK with soda and fresh orange.

To DRINK in milkshakes with vanilla ice-cream and full cream milk.

To DRINK in a tipple with vodka, ginger wine, fresh lime & soda.  

To EAT over ice cream with crushed macadamia nuts.

To EAT poured over breakfast bacon and pancakes. 

To COOK with, to caramelise onions and vegies.

​Please note we have new packaging so the image varies slightly to the product.  It's even better looking now!

Ingredients: wattleseed spice, brown sugar, water.

Made in Ballarat, Victoria 100% Australian.

Wattleseed Syrup